What is it?

Keeping an eye on things while you’re away is simple. Guardian Camera turns any device connected to the internet into security camera that help you look after everyone and everything you care about, no matter where you are. Guardian Camera is a highly scalable application that can be tailored to record and take actions on specific events as defined by the user either locally or remotely.

Use cases and scenarios

Main features

Built-in protection

There is an inherent risk that your device may become infected by a virus, malware, spyware or various other ‘bugs’ that threaten the security of your privacy. As such, the principal solution to tackle viruses is to install firewalls and anti-malware software that work to defend your device against any potential threats.

With Guardian Camera, however, there’s no need to worry about any of that. Guardian Camera utilizes Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC - an API included in modern internet browsers to make browser-to-browser communications), to provide users with live audio and video streaming. Because it works within the browser, you don’t need to download any software or plugins to set up a peer-to-peer (P2P) data exchange. All the security that you need is already provided natively by your browser.

Video room settings

When you enter a video room, a toolbar appears at the bottom of the screen that includes various tools you can use while the monitoring system is running. The tools in the toolbar let you manage all aspects of your surveillance experience.

  • Take a host video stream snapshot
  • Record a host video stream
  • Mute video switch
  • Switch microphone on/off
  • Switch local video stream on/off
  • Flip camera (when more than one camera is available)
  • Zoom in/out host video player
  • Turn flashlight mode on/off
  • Enable/disable full screen mode
  • Show/hide motion heatmap
  • Show/hide sound meter
  • Close peer connection
  • Enable/disable video recording on motion detection
  • Enable/disable video recording on sound detection
  • Switch browser notifications on/off
  • Clear all recorded media resources
  • Download media resources

Frequently asked questions

Can I have multiple devices connected?

Currently only connection between two (2) devices is supported.

Does my device need to be connected to the Internet?

Yes, if you want to pair it with another device. No if you only want to use it to record events triggered either by motion or sound detection.

Which web browsers are supported?

We currently recommend that you use Google Chrome or Firefox, especially for video sharing features which are not supported by Microsoft Edge and Apple Safari at the moment. Internet Explorer 11 and lower are not supported.

Which audio and video devices do we recommend?

Nowadays many devices such as laptops, tablets or mobile phones are already equipped with powerful speakers, microphones and cameras. In most of the cases, these integrated tools are totally sufficient. Depending on the situation, environment and device setup you might need some additional devices to get the best results for your online video surveillance.

Can I retrieve the deleted video recordings and snapshots?

Once they are gone, there is no way to recover them. Don’t want to miss the important moment again? Please save/download the video recordings and snapshots locally on device's internal memory.

Is Guardian Camera "peer-to-peer" or are the audio & video sent through your servers?

Yes, Guardian Camera is a "peer-to-peer" application. The Guardian Camera sends its audio & video directly, and nothing is ever sent through our servers.

Can anyone else connect to my Guardian Camera room and view my Camera?

Every time a new user tries to join your room you will be asked for approval. Without given approval no users can connect to your room and view your camera feed.

What to do if I catch someone on camera?

The chances are that you’ll want to get that evidence into the hands of the Police. Footage can be saved to a memory stick and then transferred to CD/DVD to give to the police as evidence.

How long will Guardian Camera record for?

The short answer is as long as you want. All data is recorded to a built in hard drive, the bigger the hard drive, the longer your recordings will be saved.

Can I make Guardian Camera record for longer?

Yes, you can switch on motion / sound detection so that Guardian Camera records only when motion / sound is detected.

Can I record to the cloud?

Guardian Camera uses Google Drive which is a cloud-based storage service that is cross-platform and great for syncing and sharing files across devices. You need to sign in to enable the service.

Do you (as a company) have access to the stream or the our files?

Guardian Camera a peer to peer connection and files are saved to your own storage. We will never store files on our server. We operate in a light weight mode to keep the costs as low as possible.

Can I use Guardian Camera under VPN connection?

All VPNs are different and are subjected to different rules. Adding a VPN slows down all your internet traffic including Guardian Camera streaming. Depending on your VPN, it may block access to any site or service. Generally, if you can access this website, you should be able to establish peer to peer connection, but its ultimately dependent on how your VPN is configured.

How do I setup multiple rooms?

Just open another instance of the app in a new tab in the same browser (very often two (2) different browsers can not share the same camera resource) and create a new room.

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